The Tide is Changing


Our focus at Swampfire Records is to promote a collective consciousness between musicians, bar owners and music patrons. We strive for a scene that is receptive to and excited about live music.  For a scene that not only accepts, but celebrates the original songs of local songwriters. We want our fellow locals to be as proud as we are that the Lowcountry no longer needs to be a cover song scene. And we want our artists to feel supported and respected.

I have been a part of the Lowcountry’s music scene for nearly a decade, and as we move further into 2018 I can feel the tide changing. In a recent Swampfire Podcast, one of my mentors and longtime Hilton Head resident and musician Martin Lesch stated, “We have more talent now than we ever have in the Lowcountry”. And this abundance of talent has more places to play now than ever before. You can find local venues showcasing our talented and professional musicians seven nights a week.  With established late night spots booking more musical acts, and new venues that feature live music opening up regularly, the live show experience here is growing constantly. There are literally thousands of live shows scheduled across Beaufort County this spring and summer. Swampfire Records is preparing for a very busy few months.

Our team works tirelessly to give locals and tourists alike a genuine Lowcountry music experience, while ensuring the artists feel respected and supported. Musicians are required to put on a creative and diverse show every time they step on stage. Bartenders cater to the needs of the patrons that often extend beyond just slinging drinks. And we appreciate the fact that neither of the former professions would be lucrative without the patrons coming to the bars and the shows. One of our missions is to remind the lucky patrons experiencing this unique showcase of local talent to respect the artists by limiting the number of times they shout out a request or ask to sit in.

Get out, catch a show and be an active participant in helping us shape the future of Lowcountry entertainment. Whether you are a musician, industry worker, local, or tourist, we can all sit back, have a drink and enjoy a great night together.

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